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Family Dentistry

Alcoa, Louisville, and Maryville, TN

Brenda has been in dentistry for 29 years all of which have been with Dr Proffitt.

Katrina “Kat” CDA/RDA has practiced dentistry since 1993 and she has been with Dr. Proffitt since 2004.

Susan, RDH has been caring for patients in Dr. Proffitt’s practice since 2000.

Patient Testimonials

  • Erick in Maryville, TN - Jan. 5, 2017

    Best dental work I've ever had in my 30 years of seeing dentist . The crown and implant work is incredibly well crafted . His staff is polite and knowledgeable . Spoiled me for seeing other Dentist.

  • Kelly in Charleston, SC - Feb. 12, 2018

    Dr. Proffitt was able to see me immediately after I had broken a tooth. I was working in Maryville and live in Charleston, SC. Dr. Proffitt introduced me to Biomimetic Dentistry. I was very fortunate to discover this alternate way of repairing my tooth.. I would recommend Dr. Proffitt to anyone in need of dental care.